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We transform your visions into successful new ventures.

How we can help

Team coaching and training

We create bootcamps and coaching programs to teach team building and boost new product launches. Using Lean Startup and Design Thinking, we help your business fast-track product development with constant feedback. 

Impact: Over 1,000 participants per year

Over 30 projects

Building new ventures

Our entrepreneurs and advisors work hands-on molding your business brick by brick. Not only will we improve your early product, but in just a few months we will assist you in building customer engagement and a sound business case. 

Impact: Reduced time to market by 500% and increased sales growth by 150% or more



Innovation is not enough - we will help your company perfectly align its strategies, purpose and capabilities. Our program considers the entire innovation ecosystem: culture, incentives, processes, management, sponsors and shareholders.

Impact: Created solutions leading to multi-million unit turnovers

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Innovation Canvas


Outline the main hypotheses of your idea before testing them to create a viable business model. Perfect for brainstorming sessions. 

Customer Interview Sheet


Apply our in-depth and helpful guides to your customer interviews. Focus only on the feedback your start-up needs. 

Value Proposition Template


Use this blueprint to clearly define the value you provide to your customers. See your business from a fresh new perspective.

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Click here to get our entire tool box at once, filled with all the templates and forms your business needs to evolve to the next level. 



6 étapes pour démarrer votre business disponible en librairies et chez Eyrolles.  



Les histoires intrapreneurs qui ont créé une innover au sein de leur entreprises.


Who are our partners & why do they trust Tango?

"The new offer we've built with Tango helped us win a multi-million euro contract."

Patrick Parriche

Global Marketing Director, Sodexo

Our team of Coaches and Entrepreneurs

International coaches passionate about helping teams achieve their full potential

  • Tristan Laffontas

    Innovation Coach

    Tristan Laffontas
  • Thibaud Gangloff

    Innovation Coach

    Thibaud Gangloff
  • Maike Strudthoff

    Innovation Coach

    Maike Strudthoff
  • Florian Champagne

    Innovation Coach

    Florian Champagne
  • Franck Debane

    Partner Coach, CEO

    Franck Debane
  • David Cliquot

    Innovation Coach

    David                  Cliquot
  • Halszka de Breza

    Innovation Coach

    Halszka de Breza
  • François Rousseau

    Innovation Coach

    François Rousseau
  • Nastasia Time

    Innovation Coach

    Nastasia Time
  • Iain Wallace

    Partner Coach

    Iain   Wallace